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Angie Bamgbose

is a registered social worker, consultant and coach. Since 2000 she has focused on child protection and safeguarding in international development and humanitarian contexts. Areas of child protection expertise include social welfare workforce strengthening, case management, sexual and gender-based violence and psycho-social support. She also works extensively to safeguard against sexual exploitation and abuse. Angie is passionate about developing capacity; she is a skilled facilitator, has an MSc Coaching and Mentoring and is an accredited action learning set facilitator. Angie has regional experience in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, West, East and Southern Africa and Latin America. She is a native English speaker.

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Claire O'Kane

has over 25 years’ experience in international child rights work. She is passionate about children’s rights to participation, association, protection and care. Working as a practitioner, adviser, researcher and evaluator, she builds upon individual and collective strengths by supporting collaborative participatory processes with adults, children and young people to increase the realisation of children’s rights, social justice and peace. Claire has authored over 60 publications on these issues, including practical toolkits, training materials, strategic guidance, research and evaluation reports, and journal articles. Claire has a Masters in Applied Social Studies and a Diploma in Social Work.

Claire Whiting


is a child protection and humanitarian specialist with over 18 years experience in the fields of child rights, protection, safeguarding and humanitarian policy and practice. Her core skills include research and consultation; policy development and guidance; online and face-face training development and delivery; evaluation; and inter-agency coordination. Recent clients include The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, IRC, UNICEF, ICVA, Pact and Plan. Claire also acts as an expert evaluator for the European Commission. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Humanitarian Diplomacy and an MSc by distinction in Childhood Studies and has regional expertise in the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, Europe and East Africa.


Clare Feinstein

is an experienced senior level child protection professional. She has over 30 years experience working in the human and child rights field in both development and humanitarian contexts. Her thematic areas of expertise include: child protection, child safeguarding, child participation and child rights. She is also highly skilled in strategic planning, capacity building, organisational research, evidence and learning and leading teams to deliver quality results on time. Clare has a M.A. Latin America Area Studies, University of London, UK. Clare has regional experience in East, Southern and West Central Africa. She speaks English with native fluency and has working proficiency in French & Spanish.

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Hannah Thompson

has supported programmes within the contexts of complex emergencies, natural disasters, and refugee receiving and developing countries since 2000. Her areas of focus are child protection, sexual and gender-based violence, and education. Her expertise includes family, social, and economic reintegration; case management; systems strengthening; promoting gender equality in education; and violence prevention in schools. Her competencies include developing best practise guides and programme tools; participatory research with children, communities and other stakeholders; learning and development; and staff wellbeing. Hannah has a Masters in Anthropology and Development and has experience working in South and Southeast Asia,  Africa and the Middle East. Hannah is a native English speaker with French fluency.  


Julia Freedson

is an expert in the field of international child protection and child rights. With over 20 years of experience, Julia has worked extensively on a wide range of human rights and humanitarian issues conducting research, advocacy, policy development, training/manual development, network building, strategic consulting, and facilitation. Julia’s work has focused on children and armed conflict, as she was the founding director of the world’s leading NGO network on this topic, the Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict. Julia has a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and has working proficiency in Spanish.

Judi Fairholm


joined Proteknôn in October 2019 and has since worked on Safeguarding and Child Protection projects with Caritas, Sesame Street, The Alliance, and UNICEF. Previously, Judi was National Director of the Canadian Red Cross Respect Education programme, which she grew from a grassroots initiative to a national/international award-winning programme. With programmes that promoted respect, responded to psychosocial issues, provided safety, and prevented violence, Judi worked with governments, researchers, Indigenous communities, children and youth, organisations, sport, NGOs, and Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies. She has received numerous awards, having worked on projects in over 20 countries. Judi has regional expertise in Asia, North America, and some countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. English is her working language.


Kristen "K" Castrataro

is a professional writer and editor with two decades’ experience in technical writing, instructional design, and knowledge management. She specialises in developing clear, accessible resources for a variety of audiences. She has a Master’s in Teaching and is committed to developing guidance and trainings that improve practitioners’ ability to safeguard, protect, and support women and children, not just increase their conceptual knowledge. Kristen is a native English-speaker and has worked on projects for clients across the globe. 


Dr. Laurene Graziani

holds a Ph.D. in Law, a Master of Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights and a Post Grad in Humanitarian action. She has 15 years of experience leading projects, conducting research and designing training programs in development and humanitarian context. Laurene is particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to children’s rights and well-being, gender, youth participation, as well as emerging issues such as media, corporate social responsibility or climate change. Author of dozen articles and book chapters, Laurene has 8 years of experience teaching at the university.


Dr. Leilani Elliott

is a senior human rights, child protection, and PSEA specialist. As a practitioner, qualitative researcher, and trainer, she has worked in a range of humanitarian, transitional justice, and development settings since 2004. Her strengths include designing and facilitating child- and community-centred participatory action research; preparing technical reports, guidance notes, and assessments; and curriculum development and training. Leilani holds a PhD in International Human Rights Law and has regional expertise across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Leilani speaks English and Swedish (both native), is fluent in Portuguese, and is proficient in French and Spanish. 


Dr. Mohammed Al-Rozzi

is a researcher in the field of Childhood Studies. He holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He has authored book chapters and articles on child-related topics including education, child labour, and child detention among other topics. Al-Rozzi has worked with many international non-governmental organisations and UN agencies since 2008. His main areas of expertise are child protection and participation, education in post-conflict settings, and psychosocial wellbeing in emergencies. He is a native Arabic speaker who is fluent in English with basic knowledge of French and Italian.


Nidhi Kapur

is a child protection, gender, and inclusion specialist with over 12 years of field-based experience. She is motivated by an interest in the programming complexities in conflict and post-conflict zones. Nidhi has worked for international organisations on various issues with, and on behalf of, children and their families. She completed her Masters in International Relations at the London School of Economics. Nidhi is a native English speaker with professional proficiency in French. She was based in East Africa from 2008-2021, having lived and worked globally. Nidhi now lives full-time in Canada.


Stephanie Delaney

is a child protection practitioner with over 15 years’ international experience. She is a social worker (MSW) and has a post-graduate qualification in systemic therapy. Stephanie’s particular focus is on child protection and safeguarding interventions. Her experience includes undertaking needs assessments; evaluations of services; developing policies and procedures; and designing and delivering appropriate capacity building initiatives. She adopts a pragmatic approach, aiming to support stakeholders (including children) to find contextually relevant solutions which can be implemented in practise. Stephanie has regional expertise in Asia, MENA and, South East Europe.


Dr. Tim Williams

is a researcher with over 15 years’ experience in child protection, education, forced migration, and social policy. His recent clients include UNICEF, UNHCR, the Brookings Institution, the World Bank, Save the Children, and the Center for Global Development. Tim received his PhD in International Development from the University of Bath in 2015. Since 2016, he's been an adjunct faculty member at Boston College, where he teaches on global child protection to MSW students. Tim has regional expertise in East Africa, particularly Rwanda, where he has written extensively about the country’s education system.


Yvonne Kemper

is an international human rights and humanitarian affairs expert with over 15 years of experience conducting pioneering research and writing effective strategic, training and guidance documents. She has worked with UN agencies, international NGOs and think tanks on a range of issues, including monitoring and reporting of grave child rights violations in armed conflict; accountability and justice for children; protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) and child safeguarding; and reinforcing the role of youth in peacebuilding processes. Yvonne excels at breaking down complex issues and developing conceptual frameworks and practical guidance that help UN and NGO staff do a better job. Yvonne has two Master’s Degrees - earned with distinction - from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Hamburg University’s Institute of Peace Research and Security Studies.

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