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We are also

We are 35+ members.

We have professional experience in 100+ countries.

We are fluent or have working knowledge of 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, amongst others. 

We have 10 doctorates, 6 PhDs in process and

38 masters degrees.






Our vision is a world in which every child and young person, without discrimination, is

  • Protected from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect;

  • Empowered to participate fully in matters that affect him or her; and

  • Cared for and has access to basic services, essential to his or her wellbeing.

Every child has a right to a dignified childhood, valued and respected. We understand that this involves addressing the range of barriers children and young people face in claiming their rights, including discrimination and inequality; harmful social norms and practices; and the availability of and access to appropriate, quality services.  



Together, we work to strengthen child protection systems through collaborative, inter-sectoral partnerships at all levels, from the individual to the family, household, community, state and global. Our competitive advantage is the inter-disciplinary nature of our backgrounds coupled with extensive field work. Our approach is:


  • Rights-based

  • Equity-focused

  • Gendered

  • Intergenerational

  • Locally-informed

  • Environmentally-aware

  • De-colonising the humanitarian and development space


Proteknôn provides a full range of services related to the care, protection and wellbeing of children, including: research, evaluation and assessment; technical support; learning and development; and innovation. 


Collaboratively-designed programmes and user-friendly technical guidance on: 

  • child protection in humanitarian action

  • child migration and forced displacement 

  • child protection systems building

  • prevention and response to violence against children and child exploitation and abuse, including trafficking

  • justice for children 

  • social welfare

  • alternative care

  • UASC

  • children affected by armed conflict, including CAAFAG 

  • case management

  • community-based protection

  • social and behavior change/supporting social change

  • mental health and psychosocial support

  • child and young people's participation

  • prevention and response to gender-based violence

  • early childhood care and development; adolescent engagement

  • cash and child protection

  • children with disabilities

  • inclusive education

  • education in emergencies

  • advocacy

  • child rights-based, human rights-based approach and equity programming

  • safeguarding


Organisations we work with:


"I can confidently recommend Proteknôn as an innovative and reliable consulting group that will produce high-quality work." - Anita Queirazza, Plan International

"It has been a great pleasure to work with this team...Given my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending the same team for similar projects." - Ilaria Favero, UNICEF

"Girl Effect Rwanda was very pleased with the high quality of the study, in terms of both the methodology used (innovative, gender sensitive and adolescent-centered) and the relevance of the recommendations provided." - Samantha Diouf, Girl Effect

"It was a pleasure to work with the team and we could not have been more pleased with the outcome." - Susan Wisniewski, Terre des hommes

"..they more than delivered what was promised with quality products.." - Nidhi Kapur, HI International

"Both deliverables were completed on time and far exceeded our expectations." - Rushini Perera, Save the Children

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