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Examples of Projects

Proteknôn Institute

The Proteknôn Foundation also established the Proteknôn Institute to search for and offer real solutions related to related to children’s protection, resilience, well-being, participation and capacity building. The Institute offers learning and development solutions in addition to conducting research and developing innovations to fill pressing gaps. 

Proteknon Research Network

Proteknôn Research Network (PRN)

The Proteknôn Foundation hosts the PRN, a global network of practitioners and researchers focused on the care, protection and wellbeing of children and young people. The PRN especially targets child-focused researchers from low- to medium-income countries. Independent consultants and partner groups share research opportunities, examples and expertise with one another in English and in French.

Proteknôn Book Club

The Proteknôn Book Club focuses on a new book every one to two months, to ignite deeper discussions amongst child protection actors on themes related to the care, protection and wellbeing of children and young people. Through Facebook group posts and a live call, moderators facilitate thoughtful discussions relevant to our work.

2017 Global Online Conference

2017 Global Online Conference on Sexual Violence against Children

On 18 - 21 Sept 2017, Proteknôn Foundation released 12 pre-recorded presentations that examine sexual violence against children according to the themes of disability, boys, emerging trends and systems building. Presentations were prepared by fellow child protection practitioners and academics.  

These 12 presentations were also complimented by daily LIVE Q&As with featured presenters.

Recent Consultancies

If you are looking for examples of consultancies that we are engaged in or have completed, please see 'Recent Consultancies'.

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